At Dowa we support local Indonesian women, the artisans and inspiration behind our handcrafted products.


Welcome to Dowa UK, part of the Dowa Group based in Indonesia.  We are a lifestyle brand producing high quality handbags to sophisticated women who support women-led family businesses and female empowerment.

We are entering the European marketplace extending our message and sharing our distinctive stylish products with European women.  Dowa UK features luxury handbag collections curated and designed specifically to your tastes and needs. We hope you enjoy our use of vibrant coloured threads and leathers as a complement to any fashion-forward wardrobe.  

Dowa Indonesia was started by Delia in 2008, a local female entrepreneur from Indonesia.  From its inception, Dowa Indonesia believed in helping village craftswomen by giving them jobs that they can do from home while caring for their children.  By paying them a fair wage they were able to contribute to their family’s income.

Today we continue with our traditions and our ethical production process.  The Dowa Group has 850 craftswomen in 65 villages across Java, Indonesia. Thanks to our success, Delia’s daughter Renda is expanding operations beyond Indonesia.  We still send all materials to these talented artisans who handcraft each handbag using their incredible and unique craftsmanship.


Together, let’s support female empowerment and celebrate the work of these skilled Indonesian artisans. 

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